Lori Roman, President

ACRU Action’s President Roman: If You Can Go to the Grocery Store, You Can Go to the Polls


Lori Roman


June 5, 2020

There is a coordinated movement to abandon in-person voting for mail-in ballots. Some on the left are taking advantage of the pandemic to force a solution for a problem that does not exist and create conditions ripe for vote fraud. Democrats across the country are using COVID-19 as an excuse to send ballots to people who have not requested absentee ballots—both active and inactive voters on voting rolls that often have not been updated by removing relocated or deceased voters. New voting procedures pushed by Speaker Pelosi and some state leaders are clearly unnecessary from a public health perspective. If we can go to the grocery store, we can vote in person. Last-minute insertions into the Senate’s coronavirus relief bill by House Democrats would have imposed permanent changes to election protocols that would enable vote fraud.

Source: If You Can Go to the Grocery Store, You Can Go to the Polls



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