UPDATE: ACRU Sued Broward County Over Refusal to Clean Up Voter Rolls


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August 7, 2019

The ACRU sued Broward County, Florida, in 2016 for violating federal election law by failing to maintain accurate voter registration rolls. Following an adverse ruling at the district court level, ACRU’s was heard by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. See ACRU’s press release and op ed for more information.

ACRU vs. Snipes Proves Voter Fraud Persistent

(Alexandria, VA)—The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) sued Broward County’s election supervisor Brenda Snipes in 2016 for not adhering to federal law to keep accurate voter rolls. That landmark case, ACRU v. Dr. Brenda Snipes, was heard by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals on March 12.
Broward County’s failure to conduct list maintenance to remove ineligible voters, as required by Federal Law (National Voter Registration Act and the Help America Vote Act) is at the heart of the case. Appellate judges focused in on two key areas of interest on Tuesday.
Broward County certified that not one person was removed from the voter registration rolls from 2013 to 2015 due to moving out of Broward County. In fact, list maintenance only appears to have started after the ACRU lawsuit was filed in 2016.
Broward County also maintains that their unusually high voter registration rate is accurate and not questionable, despite the fact that the average registration rate by county in the U.S. is between 65% and 70%.
“Broward County has significant lapses in compliance with federal election law that stipulates regular and vigorous maintenance of voter rolls to remove those who have moved, died or are otherwise ineligible to vote,” said John Eastman, Chief Counsel in the case. “It is preposterous that they try to justify a two-year period in which not one person was removed for moving. These lapses leave the voting process ripe for fraud.”
“This county is once again casting a pall over Florida’s elections, just like in 2000,” said Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State and Senior Fellow for ACRU. “Elections are about decisions and certainty. The government cannot function in a rudderless way. The state of Florida must get to the root of these egregious irregularities to restore confidence in the electoral system.”
The American Civil Rights Union was one of a handful of organizations to file an amicus brief in the Supreme Court case over the disputed 2000 presidential election. The Court agreed with ACRU’s argument.
Read the full press release here.



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