Easter Message


ACRU Staff


March 30, 2018

He is risen. That is the eternal message of Easter. And it is a message that we all desperately need to hear today.
We typically live in the here and now. Every day seems to bring personal trials and public crises. International challenges and threats ever increase. Based on our understanding the future looks uncertain, even forbidding. If we are honest, we have little reason for optimism.
But Easter tells us that we should look beyond ourselves. Through all the pain and hardship, frustration and pessimism, there is hope—in someone far greater than ourselves.
And Easter is not just for Christians. It is a universal call for renewal and rebirth which should appeal to all. It offers an opportunity to leave behind past failures and achieve future successes.
Finally, it reminds us of the importance of listening to our better nature. Easter is about sacrifice and service. Sacrifice and service are not only consistent with a free and prosperous society. Sacrifice and service are essential building blocks for a better America.
The world looks dark. But Easter dawns. Let us rededicate ourselves to living out the promise of Easter in our lives.



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