Cal Thomas Quotes ACRU's Blackwell in Syndicated Column


ACRU Staff


January 28, 2015

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas references ACRU policy board member Ken Blackwell in his column on the House’s watered down anti-abortion bill, writing…”As Black History Month begins next week, the Republican Congress should hold a series of hearings on the impact the elimination of 55 million unborn lives has had on our culture. They can begin with testimony from black women and men like J. Kenneth Blackwell, a former Ohio secretary of state and currently a policy board member of the American Civil Rights Union.”

In a recent column for The Washington Times, Mr. Blackwell cited figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and wrote: ‘Black women continue to have the highest abortion rate of any ethnic group, with a gruesome 483 abortions for every 1,000 births.’… If “black lives matter” — and they do and should — they need to be protected in the womb, as well as in the streets.”

Read Thomas’ full article here.



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