ACRU: Race-Baiting Political Ads Reach New Low


ACRU Staff


November 3, 2014

ALEXANDRIA, Va., (Oct. 31, 2014) — Despite steady racial progress in America, some Democrats are intent on rolling back the clock to the Jim Crow era, all in the appallingly cynical pursuit of votes in Tuesday’s elections.

“For years, Democratic politicians have equated sensible election reforms such as voter ID laws with the racist Jim Crow era,” Kenneth Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state and a member of the ACRU’s policy board, stated. “Now, some are going beyond even that, using crude, race-baiting propaganda such as photos of lynchings in campaign literature to ‘scare out’ the black vote.

“For a well-documented look at what the Jim Crow era was really like, I recommend the ACRU’s new, free booklet, The Truth about Jim Crow.”



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