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October 13, 2010

In the early morning hours of April 19, 1775 John Parker, commander of the Lexington militia, is alerted by Paul Revere that 1,000 elite troops of the British Army have marched out of Boston to seize rebel arms and munitions stored at nearby Concord.

Parker realizes that the simmering cauldron of tension between England and her American Colonies has reached the boiling point.

In the predawn darkness he calls forth seventy-seven members of his militia — a ragged but proud, defiant and determined band of American farmers and merchants unafraid of the overwhelming odds against them — to stand in a show of defiance on the Lexington village common which sits along the route of the British advance from Boston to Concord.

The first rays of the morning sun are breaking over the horizon when the lead detachment of 200 British Regulars arrives at Lexington. Seeing an armed contingent of shabby farmer-militia formed up near the road, the British Commander orders his troops into battle line on the Lexington Green.

The British open fire on Parker’s outnumbered and outgunned Americans, killing and wounding 16 of their number and driving the rest from their Green.

The British force regroups and continues on toward Concord six miles to the west. Here they encounter a larger force of American militia; suffer a stunning defeat at the Old North Bridge; and then begin the long retreat back along “Battle Road”.

The American War of Independence has begun.

Now Parker must rally his defeated band of citizen-soldiers and march west to engage the British troops as they retire from Concord toward the safety of Boston through ever-more hostile countryside as the Americans muster and mobilize to counter the British assault.

There is an eerie and disturbing similarity between these events of 1775 and conditions and circumstances we face in our world today. To better appreciate what we mean, click the link below.

The Dawn of Liberty is a historically accurate, exciting and stirring 16-minute ballad narration of the events of this first day.

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