ACLU Outrage: ACLU Demands No Drug Tests in Public Housing


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August 16, 2010

The facts for this article, but not the legal conclusions, come from an article in in Flint, Michigan, on 16 August. It seems to be affiliated with a Michigan newspaper, but that could not be established on its website. It was reported on the site that the ACLU wrote a strong letter to the Flint Housing Authority objecting to drug tests for public housing residents. Then the site opened the subject up for public comments.

The Director of the Housing Authority said he would like to have a zero-tolerance policy on drugs, but there were no current plans to conduct any drug tests of residents. What is interesting here is the reactions from residents to the announced ACLU attack on the Authority.

They follow a common theme. If people choose to subsist on public benefits, then they should expect to follow the rules for conduct laid down by those public authorities.

From numero407: “Greg Gibbs of the ACLU should drive through the Howard Estates in the evening. The only people who have a problem with this proposed policy are the drug addicts.”

From justicesearc: “Why should it be illegal to test people for illegal actions prior to and during ME paying them to live? If they want to use drugs they can feel free to get a job and pay for their own housing.”

From formercoach120: “You made decisions at some point that lead you to the position you are in. I have no problem with my tax dollars being used to help people who truly need it to get back on their feet. I have a serious problem with people getting federal and state assistance making decisions that are clearly designed to milk more money from the public teat.”

And from Jerry Charboneau: “Why then aren’t ALL recipients of government benefits (i.e., Wall Street bankers, GM, and many others who got tax funded bail out money) having to pee in cups too?”

The gist is that the ACLU is asking courts to order payments and benefits to tax-supported individuals, with no requirement that they do anything capable and productive in return. Courts that go along with such power and money grabs just compound the problem, as judges steal American government away from the people who own it.

The Obama administration is simply doing what the ACLU is doing but on a grand scale.

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