Ken Blackwell: Obama Rips Off "Faux Lifers" Fig Leaves


ACRU Staff


July 20, 2010

ACRU Senior Fellow Ken Blackwell wrote this column appearing July 17, 2010, on

Last spring, President Obama managed to corral the votes of a half dozen formerly pro-life Democrats in the House of Representatives for his takeover of health care. Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) had been a staunch supporter of pro-life initiatives for nearly twenty years in Congress. Tragically for him, and even more tragically for the country, Stupak fell in line behind the White House. For months he had held out, bravely. Then, at the eleventh hour, he caved in. He and his cohorts switched from being pro-lifers to being “faux lifers.”

To help Mr. Stupak cover his nakedness, President Obama agreed to give him and his little band of turncoats an Executive Order that they said would prevent the newly enacted ObamaCare legislation from subsidizing abortions.

When Family Research Council Action (PAC) began running radio ads in Bart Stupak’s strongly pro-life Michigan district, showing how he had been taken in by the Obama administration’s phony promises, he quickly summoned a news conference to announce his retirement from Congress. It was a pitiful end to an otherwise honorable career.

Would it be even remotely logical that Barack Obama would not want to subsidize abortion? He has been 100% pro-abortion throughout his public life—even to the point of voting in the Illinois senate not to protect infants born alive following failed abortions. Before he won a single caucus, a single primary, candidate Obama made the obligatory stop before the Planned Parenthood convention to pledge them his undying support. He assured them that “reproductive health” would be an integral part of any health care plan he offered as president. We’ve all been at this long enough to know that “reproH” is liberal-speak for abortion-on-demand.

Planned Parenthood is the world’s largest trafficker in abortions. It kills more than 350,000 unborn children in the U.S. each year. A disproportionate number of them are the children of young black mothers. This is not surprising given the racist roots of this outfit. Around the world, Planned Parenthood is the prime mover for over 50 million abortions annually. Even now, they are targeting Africa. Barack Obama has never voted against Planned Parenthood, not once. If he tried to deviate now, he would face well-financed opponents in the 2012 primaries. He’s not budging.

His federal budget vastly expands the billions in taxpayer dollars that go to this evil enterprise. Planned Parenthood leaders and congressional supporters lustily applauded Mr. Obama at the White House signing ceremony for his Number One legislative priority, the measure that will take over the nation’s health care system.

That’s the glittering, nationally televised ceremony that Vice President Joe Biden called “a big [bleeping] deal.” That one.

Now, in the dog days of summer, when most Americans are longing to escape to the mountains or the beach, the Obama administration issues HHS regulations for Pennsylvania that will vastly expand subsidies for abortion in that state. Mr. Obama has rudely ripped off even that pathetic fig leaf he allowed the faux-lifers.

The ever-watchful, ever truthful Doug Johnson, veteran legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, pounced on yesterday’s announcement and offered it as proof of the Obama administration’s duplicity on federal subsidies for abortion.

To his credit, Minority Leader of the House, John Boehner sprang into action. He issued this stinging indictment of the Obama pro-abortion policy for Pennsylvania:

“This is the boldest admission yet from the Obama administration that the President’s Executive Order on taxpayer-funded abortion was a sham. The fact that the high-risk pool insurance program in Pennsylvania will use [$160 million] in taxpayer dollars to fund abortions is unconscionable.”

Leader Boehner went on to note that he had asked the White House only last month for a report on how the sham Executive Order Obama gave the faux lifers was being implemented. This was the Obama administration’s cynical answer.

The latest public opinion polls—including one from the Obamaphile CBS News organization—show that Americans are deeply disappointed with this president’s performance in office. Such great promise. Such poor delivery. Only 13% of Americans told CBS pollsters they had personally benefited from Obama’s policies. I had no idea that many people worked for Planned Parenthood.



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