ACLU Sues Airport Screeners for Doing Their Job


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February 15, 2010

An American student who was carrying a Jordanian student ID and a passport showing he had recently visited six nations in the Mideast including The Sudan, was held by TSA at the Philadelphia airport until it could be established that he had no hostile intentions, connections, or supplies. Now, the ACLU has filed for damages against the TSA for investigating this individual. Are the ACLU attorneys clinically insane? Or, merely opposed to the protection of America from its enemies?

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Some of the facts for this article, but none of the legal conclusions, come from an article in the San Francisco Chronicle on 14 February. It is about the lawsuit brought by the ACLU on behalf of an American college student over a five-hour examination of this gentleman at an airport by agents of the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA).

It seems that this gentleman, Nicholas Gage, wanted to fly from Pennsylvania to Pomona College in California. He had on him flash cards in English and Arabic with words such as “bomb” and “explosives.” He had two, wired speakers in his carry on luggage, he had a Jordanian student ID card. But he also had a passport which showed he had been recently in the following nations: Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sudan.

Anyone with the dimmest understanding of terrorist recruitment and activities in the world today should perk up over the last three names, especially the Sudan. As this article said, it would have been professional malpractice for any airport screeners NOT to hold Mr. Gage until it could be established that he had no apparent terrorist intentions, or possessions.

The attorney for the ACLU who brought suit for Gage against TSA actually said the following with a straight face in response to questions from the reporter, “Learning the Arabic language and traveling to the Middle East as a college student, I don’t think that’s a suspicious circumstance…” Apparently this ACLU lawyer has not read about the would-be Christmas bomber, or much else that has transpired since 9/11/2001.

The logical conclusion is that the ACLU wants American airport security to fail. Apparently, they want a murderous result which would cause Americans to back away from self-protection. And, they want the TSA to be afraid to question, in detail, the most suspicious of would-be airline passengers.

This case should be thrown out, with fees and costs assessed against the ACLU and its attorneys. And, if there is real justice in this world, the ACLU attorney would be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail, for being dumb as a post and wasting the time of the court.

That’s highly unlikely, but people with common sense can hope, can’t we?

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