The ACLU wants sex offenders near your children


ACRU Staff


April 3, 2008

The ACLU in the city of Dover, New Hampshire filed suit last week over an ordinance that prohibits where convicted sex offenders can live – namely keeping them from day care centers and elementary schools.

In response, The American Civil Rights Union highlights the foolish reply of the ACLU. By trying to make this an issue of states rights versus federal rights, they are ignoring the root issue – that the law is aimed at keeping sex offenders away from children.

By drawing attention to the ordinance, the New Hampshire ACLU chapter is attempting to move this issue up in the courts, removing local authority and including wasteful and unnecessary law suits.

While similar ordinances have been enacted in other cities, and even with compliance from many convicted sex offenders who have moved without objection when the ordinance was put into place, the ACLU will not back down.

Unnecessary law suits such as this one are not only wasteful in the time they demand from our courts, but are frivolous in their attempts to demand nonsensical policy changes.

The ACRU does not want sex offenders living near your children, but apparently the ACLU does.

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