ACLU Doesn't Want to Pay Taxes; Expects Churches to Pay Them


ACRU Staff


March 2, 2008

The ACLU is currently suing in Alaska courts to remove the property tax exemption from church owned properties.

From the story:

The ACLU wants Anchorage Superior Court Judge Michael Spaan to throw out a 2006 state law exempting church-owned religious teachers’ housing from property taxes. The properties affected are six homes owned by the Anchorage Baptist Temple that would otherwise pay a total of about $23,000 a year in taxes to the Municipality of Anchorage.

“The idea of not taxing charities is older than the United States itself, said ACRU Senior Fellow John Armor. “It is incorporated in the IRS Code as a way of encouraging the great charitable instincts of the the American people. Furthermore, the definition of charities is broad — it even includes the ACLU. Is the ACLU suggesting that it should be taxed on the millions of dollars in public money that it gets in court-ordered payments?”

“Apparently not. The ACLU apparently only wants churches taxed. sounds discriminatory, doesn’t it?”

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