Children Killed and Stolen From, Thanks to the ACLU


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February 25, 2008

Four school children were killed in Minnesota,

when a women driving a van apparently ran a stop sign, struck and

overturned a school bus. The woman had no drivers license, gave an

apparent false name, and admitted that she was from Mexico. It looks

like she is an illegal alien, in the United States as a direct result of

the “open borders” policy of the ACLU and its political allies. A

second story about stolen identity, from a child, appears at the end.

* * *

This outrage comes from a story on Fox News on 22 February,

2008, also reported in hundreds of other media outlets around the

country. The lead paragraph tells the horror of this story:

“MINNEAPOLIS – A woman who authorities say is in the country

illegally and using an alias was charged Friday with four counts of

criminal vehicular homicide and two lesser charges in a school bus crash

that killed four children.”

The woman who was driving the van which apparently ran a stop

sign, hit a school bus and overturned it, gave her name as Alianiss

Nunez Morales and said she was from Mexico. Other reports indicate that

this is a stolen identity. Immigration officials have placed a hold on

her, so they can find out whether she is, as they strongly suspect, an

illegal alien.

The woman had no drivers license, and no identity papers. The

only facts which are known for sure is that she is from Mexico, that she

is using a false identity, and that four children from a small town in

Minnesota are dead.

Not to mince words, the ACLU in many places, in many cases, and

in many ways, has fought all attempts by local, state and federal

authorities to deal with the tide of illegal immigrants coming in mostly

from Mexico, and moving about under the cover of false IDs. The death

of these children is a direct result of those efforts. ACLU lawyers

have the blood of these children on their hands.

In some places, most notably Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and Farmers

Branch, Texas, the ACLU has persuaded unelected federal judges to

overrule decisions of elected officials to pass ordinances intended to

reduce the tide of illegal aliens within their town borders. In

Hazleton, the impetus came from the death of a local resident. That was

a deliberate murder by an illegal alien, not a motor vehicle killing as

in Minnesota.

Judges who take away the power of local or state governments to

deal with the tide of illegal aliens, at the behest of the ACLU, also

have the blood of these children on their hands.

Elected poiticians who support amnesty for illegal aliens, which

the ACLU seeks, also have the blood of these children on their hands.

Churches and other “social service” and “activist” organizations

which promote illegal immigration and shelter illegal immigrants, as

supported by the ACLU, also have the blood of these children on their


The killing of Americans by illegal aliens will continue inside America

until the ACLU position in favor of open borders and no enforcement of

immigration laws has been struck down in ALL jurisdictions. Local,

state and federal authorities must obey and enforce the laws, and local,

state and federal elected officials must insist on that.

Until then, the killings on the highways and the murders in the

streets at the hands of illegal aliens, will continue.

The annual death rate of Americans killed by foreigners is

higher inside the United States than the death rate of Americans in the

military in all parts of the world including Iraq and Afghanistan. To

repeat, more American civilians – men, women and children – are killed

annually by foreigners inside the US, than are killed annually

everywhere else in the world.

Source for original story on the Net:,2933,331989,00.html

A much less harmful consequence of stolen identity, but up to a

million times more common, appears in a story in the Chicago Tribune, on

23 February, 2008.

It seems that the IRS contacted a seven-year-old boy in

Carpentersville, outside Chicago, claiming that he owed back taxes on

earnings of $60,000. Someone started using the boy’s identity in 2001,

shortly after he was born.

As the article says, “Cirilo Centeno of Streamwood” has obtained

“a truck, three separate jobs, gas and electrical service for his home,

a credit card, unemployment benefits and more than $60,000 in pay and

services,” while using the boy’s identity. Mr. Centeno has been charged

with felony identity theft.

The article does not say whether Mr. Centeno is an illegal

alien. Given the circumstances, it is highly likely he is an illegal

alien, just like the bulk of the 56,000 Indiana drivers who are about to

lose their licenses for a Social Security mismatch. The ACLU is not

defending Mr. Centeno, but it IS defending those like him in Indiana and


Source for original story on the Net:,0,2974419.story



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