Busy Radio Day for the ACRU and Horace Cooper


ACRU Staff


February 14, 2008

Horace Cooper will be making three radio appearances on Friday, February 15th.

The first begins at 7:35am EST. He will be on 1140AM WRVA in Richmond, VA talking to Jimmy Barrett and “Richmond’s Morning News. He will be discussing FISA. You can listen online here.

Then at 9:00am EST, he will be discussing the Indiana Driver’s Licenses and the DC Gun Ban Case with John Watson on WILM-AM in Wilmington, DE. You can listen online here.

Finally, at 11:00am EST, Horace will be on with Doug Guetzloe and “The Guetzloe Report” on WAMT 1190AM in Winter Park, FL. He will again be talking about FISA. You can listen online here.

UPDATE: Horace’s appearance on “The Guetzloe Report” has been cancelled. Hopefully Horace will be on again soon.



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