On the Lesbian – eHarmony Suit


ACRU Staff


June 4, 2007

A San Francisco lesbian, Linda Carlson, has filed suit in Los Angeles against a heterosexual dating service, eHarmony, for not accommodating her sexual category (see “eHarmony accused of discrimination,” San Francisco Chronicle). She claims discrimination because eHarmony specializes in men meeting women, and has no category for women seeking women.

She does NOT claim that eHarmony prevented her from taking their famous, multi-point compatibility test. She could have described herself as a liberal, lesbian from San Francisco who believes the movies of Michael Moore. Her phone might not have rung off the hook, but she could have done that.

Also, she did not explain why the many services of “women seeking women” in San Francisco were inadequate for her mating requirements.

In short, eHarmony is not a public utility, like the phone company, which must carry anyone’s message. This is a junk suit which should be thrown out with dispatch.



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