Respect for Our Fallen Braves, M.I.A.


ACRU Staff


May 29, 2007

While the American Civil Rights Union chose to honor our fallen heroes on Memorial Day, certain others in the state of Washington thought it better to desecrate the gravesites of America’s war veterans. (HT: Flynn Files) Their chosen mode of “protest” was both predictable (burning flags) and telling (replaced with scribbled swastikas). Telling of themselves, that is. Especially considering that our servicemen died trying to free the world of the Nazi vermin, and to protect the rights of the scum of the earth to then turn and desecrate the ground where these brave men lay, apparently.

Some will defend the actions of these clandestine protestors in Washington, and in a few similar cases in Boston and elsewhere, as an act of free speech. But it is not. It is the destruction of property – the right to which is protected by another part of the Bill of Rights, Amendment V. And it is disrespectful in the extreme. Now, respect isn’t guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. But the men who died defending their country earned their respect, and that can never be taken away from them. The vandals have no respect, however. Nor do they warrant ours.



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