Steyn: "America, Z Beautiful"


ACRU Staff


May 21, 2007

Columnist Mark Steyn has a must-read Op-Ed at the New York Sun today concerning illegal immigration. As he points out, sponsors of the recent accord between the White House and the Senate don’t like the word “amnesty” any more than the deal’s critics do. Rather, Steyn argues, we should call it “zamnesty.” As he writes:

That’s why the [proposed Z-1, Z-2, and Z-3] visa starts with the letter that’s furthest away from the one “amnesty” begins with. “Z” stands for zellout …no, hang on, zurrender or Zapatista, or some other word way up the other end of the alphabet from “amnesty”. But the point is, at a stroke there will be no more illegal immigrants. Because being illegal means you’re now legal.

To read Steyn’s full article, click here.



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