Farmers Branch Ordinance Gets Another Poll


ACRU Staff


May 17, 2007

Yesterday, I had the privilege of discussing the Farmers Branch ordinance with Terry Lowry on his Houston radio show, “What’s Up.” There is more news today.

There appears on the MSNBC website a story about the reaction to Farmers Branch. As many readers will recall, the ordinance, which requires landlords to verify the legal status of renters, was adopted by Farmers Branch voters by a margin of 68% to 32%. The balloting was held after a campaign to, as ordinance opponents put it, “Let the Voters Decide.” These, incidentally, are the same opponents who, after the voters did decide, wasted no time running off to federal court to get a life-tenured judge to, as it were, undecide.

The MSNBC story includes an interactive poll asking readers whether the ordinance should stand. Now polls of this kind are unscientific and therefore not reliable. Still, they tell us something, and my experience with MSNBC interactive polls is that the pool of respondents is not necessarily conservative, to say the least.

The result of the poll is this: About 11% say the ordinance should be overturned, while 89% say it should stand.



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