Ed Meese on Immigration Reform


ACRU Staff


May 17, 2007

The Hon. Ed Meese, ACRU Policy Board Member and former Attorney General under President Ronald Reagan, has co-authored an important paper with Dr. Matthew Spalding of the Heritage Foundation concerning immigration reform.

The Backgrounder paper is titled “Where We Stand: Essential Requirements for Immigration Reform.” At a time when the Congress is considering a comprehensive immigration reform bill that reports indicate will do little to stem the tide of lawless immigration and will do much to reward those who have already breached our borders illegally, this is a much read.

In the paper, Mr. Meese and Dr. Spalding lay out several policy proposals and overarching principles, the latter which I summarize here:

  1. The First Priority: National Security – America’s immigration system must be a national strength and not a strategic vulnerability
  2. Uphold the Rule of Law – The rule of law requires the fair, firm, and consistent enforcement of the law, and immigration is no exception
  3. Amnesty Is Not the Answer – Those who enter, remain in, and work in the country illegally are in ongoing and extensive violation our immigration laws
  4. Strengthen Citizenship – Each nation has the responsibility–and obligation–to determine its own conditions for immigration, naturalization, and citizenship
  5. Benefit the American Economy – Immigration policy should be a fiscal and economic benefit not only for immigrants, but also for the nation as a whole
  6. A Real Temporary Worker Program – A temporary worker program must be temporary, market-oriented, and feasible

As the authors explain in the fuller paper:

[Lawmakers] should oppose and, if necessary, the President should veto any reforms or reform packages that do not comport with these principles, are not in the best interest of the United States, and are inconsistent with the great traditions and compassionate practices of America’s ongoing experiment in ordered liberty.

For more details, including the specific policy proposals that fall under each of these principles, download “Where We Stand: Essential Requirements for Immigration Reform” here.



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