'Let the People Decide Illegal Immigration!' (Or Maybe Not)


ACRU Staff


May 14, 2007

One of the slogans of the opponents of the Farmers Branch immigration ordinances, was “Let the people vote.” (See “Anti-Illegal-Immigrant Law OK’d in Texas.”) Now, the people HAVE voted, 68-32, to approve the ordinances designed to discourage illegal immigrants in their town. So, the opponents are going to court to have an unelected judge tell the people and the town they have no right to make this decision.

In short, the ACLU and its allies are attacking the basic right of all Americans, to govern themselves under a “republican” government, which in accord with the constitutional guarantee means government by elected representatives. This subject will spread to many more than the 90 communities considering it so far. And the basic subject, constitutional self-government, should concern all Americans.



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