ACLU Part of Mexican-Affiliated Open Borders Group


ACRU Staff


September 29, 2006

The Associated Press wrote a story published in the Arizona Star on August 24 about a “new civil rights group” which is objecting to certain policies of the US Border Patrol. What the AP failed to report is that this new group (which involves the ACLU) is also affiliated with the Mexican government, and opposes all controls on illegal immigration.

The new group, based in Los Angeles, is called the “Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law. Its participants include the ACLUs of Arizona, New Mexico, San Diego, and Texas. Other participants include the Border Angels, the American Friends Service Committee, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among others.

According to a private blogger, quoted on Town Hall, “What the article fails to note is that the CHRCL is headed by Peter Schey, someone who’s collaborating with the Mexican government on a website. He’s also representing some illegal aliens who were arrested under a new Arizona law, and there is some kind of involvement of the Mexican consul. And, an ‘opposition research’ paper he wrote appears on a Mexican government website.”

The specific subject of the first complaint of this group was to shut down high-speed pursuits of vehicles carrying illegal aliens. When the policies of the groups involved are examined, they oppose all efforts to enforce effectively American laws against illegal immigration, and support the effort to create an open border to all illegal aliens coming north from Mexico.

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