ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Anti-Voter Fraud Measure


ACRU Staff


September 28, 2006

St. Louis Post-Dispatch – 9/4/2006

One City (Albuquerque, NM) and several states have passed similar laws which require photo ID for voters in their jurisdictions. These laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In some the photo IDs are mandatory (and free to the citizens). In others, they are one of several alternatives.

The ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri and the ACLU of Eastern Missouri have filed suit against a new Missouri law that voters must present state-issued photo identification cards at the polls in order to be eligible to vote. The State’s purpose, as with the other states, is to “prevent fraud in elections.” In all jurisdictions with such laws, the ACLU has either filed suit itself, or is supporting others who have filed suit.

The position of the ACLU in this case is consistent with its position on immigration – America belongs to whomever can get across its borders, and its elections belong to whomever can get to the polls, whether or not they are citizens or have a legal right to vote. (One of the cases concerns voters who are registered to vote in two states at one time. These are legal voters once, but not twice.)

The American Civil Rights Union expects to file friend of the court briefs in most of these cases. The presence of illegal voters in any election is by definition a dilution of the votes of legitimate voters and therefore an attack on the civil rights of all Americans.

The ACLU claims that such laws “disenfranchise” voters. The ACLU does not explain how anyone can be “disenfranchised” if they do not have a legal right to vote in the first place.



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