Allen West: I Do Not Support Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court — Here’s Why

I do not support her nomination. I do not support her being on the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Article III of the Constitution says Supreme Court justices are supposed to interpret the law according to the Constitution. When you look at the things Judge Brown Jackson stands for, these are things not in concert with our Constitution.

Allen West: Keep Our 2nd Amendment Strong

A strong Second Amendment is essential not only for personal security but national defense. One need look no further than the situation in Ukraine to understand the importance of a capable citizenry.

Allen West: Beware the Traps of Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws

Anonymous accusations with no due process whatsoever should never lead to infringement of rights. Red flag laws can easily run afoul of both your 2nd and 4th Amendment rights. Beware of “feel-good” policies created as fear-driven knee-jerk reactions. We must be vigilant to protect our freedoms.