Wisconsin Investigation Uncovers Potential Tip Of A Voting Fraud Iceberg

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Last Thursday, the Racine County, Wisconsin sheriff’s office held an hour-long press conference detailing the results of an investigation into a complaint the office received of potential violations of state election law. While leftist media ignored the story, the investigation revealed both blatant violations of state law by election officials and detailed evidence of voter fraud by stealing elderly Americans’ votes.

ACRU Action Board Member Ken Blackwell: Legislators, not jurists, are responsible for vote integrity

By |2022-04-08T18:34:32-04:00November 22nd, 2020|

“In Pennsylvania, there was a clear violation of Article II of Constitution that gives authority to state legislatures to set the calendar and electoral rules for the state’s voters - not the state judiciary, not the Governor, and not the Secretary of State. In other states, liberal lawsuits waved through by liberal judges usurped the power of the people by dismantling vote security measures passed by their state legislators. This must be corrected, and state legislative bodies must reclaim their authority to protect voters against fraud, political criminals and activist judges that overreach. A recent article from The Federalist, noted below, provides a few simple steps legislators can take to ensure the integrity of the election process.”

New Normal: Wisconsin Cops Caught On Camera Threatening Mom For Letting Child Play With Neighbor

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The Calumet County Sheriff’s Department in Wisconsin is under scrutiny for a viral video that shows two of its deputies aggressively threatening a woman whose daughter was playing at the neighbor’s house and “running around barefoot.” (The barefoot comments can be seen in the longer version of the video here.) In the video, the deputies can be heard badgering a woman for allowing her daughter to play with neighbor children.

ACLU Gets Stung in Wisconsin

By |2015-03-26T14:14:12-04:00March 26th, 2015|

Supreme Court justices declined to hear a challenge to an appeals court’s decision upholding Wisconsin’s photo voter ID law.


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