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From now until the election, both Horace Cooper and Peter Ferrara have several radio interviews. discussing voter fraud the ACRU's DefendMyVote.comFinally, on Monday, November 3, 2008, Peter will be on "The Morning Show w/ Jena O'Connor" on WORN out of Mitchell, SD at 9:40am ET. If you are not around Mitchell, SD, you can listen live on the internet.On Tuesday, October 28, 2008, Peter Ferrara will be on "Lubbock's First News with Chad Hasty" on KFYO out of Lubbock, TX at 8:35am ET. If you are not in Lubbock, you can listen live on the internet.Also on October 28, Horace Cooper will be on "La Crosse Talk [...]

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Horace Cooper on The Gallo Radio Show

On Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 9:05am ET, ACRU Senior Fellow Horace Cooper will be on the "The Gallo Radio Show" on the SuperTalk Mississippi Radio Network. He will be discussing the ACRU's latest web project, DefendMyVote.com. If you live in Mississippi, tune in to your local station or you can listen online in the rest of the country.

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Ken Klukowski on The Diane Rehm Show

ACRU Legal Analyst Ken Klukowski will be on "The Diane Rehm Show" Monday, October 20, 2008 at 10:00am talking about the allegations against ACRON. He will be on a panel including Bertha Lewis, Interim Chief Organizer of ACORN, Greg Gordon, National Correspondent for McClatchey Newspapers Washington Bureau, and Steve Ansolabehere, Professor of Government at Harvard University. The show is heard on 88.5FM WAMU in Washington, DC. Tune in if you live in the area or you can listen live online.

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Busy Radio Day for the ACRU and Horace Cooper

Horace Cooper will be making three radio appearances on Friday, February 15th.The first begins at 7:35am EST. He will be on 1140AM WRVA in Richmond, VA talking to Jimmy Barrett and "Richmond's Morning News. He will be discussing FISA. You can listen online here.Then at 9:00am EST, he will be discussing the Indiana Driver's Licenses and the DC Gun Ban Case with John Watson on WILM-AM in Wilmington, DE. You can listen online here.Finally, at 11:00am EST, Horace will be on with Doug Guetzloe and "The Guetzloe Report" on WAMT 1190AM in Winter Park, FL. He will again be talking about FISA. You can listen online here.UPDATE: [...]

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Wake Up America Discusses Crawford v. Marion County Election Board

Wake Up America wrapped up yesterdays arguments in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board. Their discussion is here.As well as writing some great insight into the justices' questioning, "SPREE" mentioned, the ACRU and our amicus brief that was filed supporting the Indiana Law.

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Peter Ferrara's interview in San Antonio shows the difference in beliefs on Voter ID issue

Peter Ferrara was interviewed 1200 WOAI in San Antonio about the Indiana Voter ID case being heard at the Supreme Court today. The article can be read here.When asked about the claim that these laws depress the turnout of the poor, Ferrara responded,If you don't have a photo i.d., under this law, the state will give you one for free. If you are too poor even to get one of the free photo i.ds, you can be exempted from the law. The only people who are inconvenienced will be those who are trying to commit voter fraud.More reports on today's arguments as time permits.

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Senior Fellow Kenneth Blackwell's Op-Ed on Voter's Rights

New ACRU Senior Fellow Kenneth Blackwell wrote this op-ed in the New York Sun today. This op-ed discusses two important cases be heard by the US Supreme Court on January 9th.Crawford v. Marion County and Indiana Democratic Party v. Rokita is about Indiana's new voter ID law. The law requires people voting on Election Day to show a government issue ID.Mr. Blackwell discusses how important this case is. Talking about the views on this issue Blackwell said this:These views come from two different ways of looking at voting rights. One outlook is that the system should do everything possible to help facilitate voting. This would mean making [...]

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Strike this down

In the wake of President Bush's veto of the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), Congress is preparing for another showdown with the White House. But this time the dispute won't be over health care spending for children, instead the dispute has consequences for all Americans because it is over which branch of government is best suited to know which ground rules are needed for fighting the war on terror.

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A healthy debate.At: nationalreview.com

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Common Sense on Voter ID in Georgia

The second shoe has dropped in Georgia. A year ago, there were temporary injunctions in place in both state and federal courts against the new Voter ID Law in that state. The law had been modified in response to a prior ruling in the federal court. The revised law allowed any resident of Georgia who did not already have a drivers license, to obtain for free a photo ID like those used by people who do not, or cannot, get a drivers license.Earlier this year, an appeal of a state judge's injunction against the same law was decided in the Georgia Supreme Court. That Court did not [...]

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