Who Makes the Law?

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At first glance one might read the title of this missive and respond, "c'mon Colonel it's the legislative branch." That answer would be true because America is a constitutional republic. In our three branches of government, the one tasked with passing bills, legislation, is the one made up of our representatives, the legislature. However, the question posed by this title goes beyond just the superficial understanding of Montesquieu's Spirit of the Laws from which we get the concepts of legislative, executive, and judicial branches. And I am sure many of you realize that there are Americans who cannot articulate that simple construct.

ACRU’s Allen West on America’s First Liberty and the Importance of Freedom of Religion

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As I speak across the country, I am often asked, “How do we get our country back on track?” My response is simple, “As the longest running constitutional republic in the history of the world, we need to get back to our fundamental principles and values.” America was established, not upon the absurd cultural Marxist tomfoolery of 1619, but upon a belief that the unalienable rights of the individual are endowed to them from a Creator God.

Constitutional Concepts: It’s My Right!

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If you have the “wrong” opinion on healthcare, school lunch menus, or whether the M-5000 BlasterTank should be funded in next year’s military budget, you’re a racist. Those who wear uniforms and face-covering hoods, while demanding others repeat “correct think” phrases under threat of violence cluelessly call other people Nazis and fascists — and with a straight face. And rights? Anything coveted by more than one woke individual is now a “right.” Listening to the nightly news and politicians’ bloviation, one might think it’s protecting its citizens from themselves. Perhaps the purpose of government is to provide for national security. Or maybe it’s providing a safe, stable, and level playing field for its citizens. Some believe government’s role is to provide for the national welfare, whatever that means. Looking at a founders’ view of government, the purpose is to protect the natural rights of those who elect to be governed.


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