Courts Should Stay Out of the ‘Political Thicket’ of Gerrymandering

3/27: The Supreme Court should finally settle this matter and hold that political gerrymandering, while perhaps unwise and in some instances unfair, is not a constitutional concern.

Spakovsky: Will the Left's Smear Campaign Against Kavanaugh Work?

7/23: ACRU Policy Board Member Hans von Spakovsky and Elizabeth Slattery discuss what senators should consider during Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings.

The Rule of Law in Trump's First 100 Days

Much is being written about what the Trump administration has accomplished in its first 100 days, but one achievement has been largely overlooked: its efforts to restore us to being a nation based on the rule of law.

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Is Antonin Scalia’s Mirror Image

With the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, President Donald Trump has kept a key campaign promise: to nominate a worthy successor to late Justice Antonin Scalia who will enforce the rule of law and apply the Constitution as written.

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