Constitutional Duty

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Next year, in 2024, it will be time to issue pink slips to many elected officials, or else we get what we deserve.

Congress, Do Your Job!

By |2023-09-01T14:16:45-04:00September 1st, 2023|

On behalf of the American Constitutional Rights Union, I am proud to sign a letter supporting conservative opposition to the reckless spending of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. It’s time for Congress to do its job and implement proactive and fiscally responsible budgetary policies—just like American families must do.

Congratulations to incoming congressional conservatives

By |2023-03-06T12:06:49-05:00January 12th, 2021|

The incoming freshman class on Capitol Hill includes historic firsts for conservative members who promise to stand firm against government overreach while protecting individual and economic liberty. So far, this movement is led by new GOP members from diverse backgrounds that have provided them with an understanding of tyranny and the danger of socialism, including three Cuban-Americans, an Iranian-American, and a Ukrainian American.

“If you see me in DC, say hi. You’re safe with me.”

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The right to bear arms is enshrined in our Constitution. Liberals treat it as a policy issue rather than a right and pass laws blocking individual right to self-defense. Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is challenging DC gun laws that only allow unloaded guns in Congressional offices and none on the streets. We expect the DC government to take legal action. This may end in a Supreme Court challenge.

ACRU’s Protect Elderly Votes’ concerns about nursing home fraud confirmed

By |2024-02-17T10:53:00-05:00November 10th, 2020|

In a state where ballot harvesting is illegal, a remarkable coincidence occurred right before election day. According to reports from the Senate Judiciary Committee, 25,000 nursing home residents in different facilities across the state all requested ballots at the same time. Who ordered them? And more importantly, who filled them out? An investigation is currently ongoing.

The Seen and Unseen

By |2016-03-10T11:53:40-05:00March 10th, 2016|

I think Congress ought to get out of the miracle business and leave miracle-making up to God.


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