Liberal vote activist foundation, collect ballots thyself

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Much like the CTCL described in the previous story, the Committee of Seventy is a PA-based liberal voting activist group masquerading as non-partisan. Its Director is a Clinton/Reno protégée, and is funded by liberal foundations. Now the City of Philadelphia has contracted with this group to help collect ballots.

County Commissioner accused of using disability protections to cheat

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All fraud stories are awful, but some are absolutely disgraceful. An elected Democrat official in Texas and his buddies have been charged with illegal ballot harvesting — getting “voters’ to pretend they were disabled and entitled to ADA guidelines. Let’s hope being charged with 130+ felonies is a warning to other fraudsters thinking about using important disability community protections as a scheme to steal votes.

Worker harvests a ballot in Harold Dutton’s race, 2018 Dem Primary

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After ACRU identified organized vote fraud in senior residences, we started Protect Elderly Votes. Liberals claim there is no organized vote fraud against seniors. So here is a video of a ballot harvester taking advantage of a senior on behalf of TX Dem Harold Dutton in 2018. Then bragging this is her 100th manipulated vote. After you view the video, we hope you will visit out Protect Elderly Votes website at


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