S.2747 Freedom to Cheat Act

S.2747 Summary

The Freedom to Vote bill is as much of a fraud as the HR.1 and HR.4 acts and should be named the Freedom to Cheat act.

  • S.2747 is the latest version of HR.2 and S.1. This new “Freedom to Cheat” bill is the same in almost all ways except the name.
  • S.2747 is the latest attempt by Democrats to federalize our elections and take constitutional control over elections from the states, allowing federal politicians and bureaucrats to control all elections.
  • In direct defiance of the First Amendment, this bill exposes the name of donors of conservative organizations to the cancel culture mob.
  • S.2747 funds career politicians’ reelection campaigns with taxpayer dollars.
  • This bill would further deter free expression by forcing groups that sponsor ads that promote, attack, support, or oppose a candidate or government official to file burdensome reports with the FEC.
  • The Freedom to Cheat Act limits the capacity for states to ensure the accuracy of their own voter rolls.

Differences between S.2747 and HR.1

  • Drops partisan restructuring of the FEC.
  • Sets a national voter identification standard.
  • Doesn’t call for a constitutional amendment overturning Citizens United.

S.2747 Details

  • Require states to allow at minimum 15 consecutive days of early voting, including two weekends.
  • Requires same-day voter registration and online voter registration.
  • Ensure that all voters can request to vote by mail.
  • Establish new automatic voter registration programs.
  • Make Election Day a National Holiday.
  • Mandates that states follow specific criteria when drawing new congressional districts.
  • Still Includes the Disclose Act.
  • Still Includes Honest Ads Act.
  • 6 to 1 matching contribution for small-dollar donors.
  • Grants individuals convicted of a criminal offense the right to vote so long as they are not serving time for a felony conviction at the time of the election.
  • Establishes a duty to report foreign election interference.
  • Prohibits voter caging.
  • Restricts voter roll maintenance.