Economic Liberty

None of our constitutional freedoms would be possible without economic liberty and the protection of private property through the rule of law. The Constitution was designed specifically to limit the power of the federal government, but we now have a government that appears incapable of restraint.

Excessive taxation and regulation—too often backed up by disproportionate civil and criminal fines and penalties—limit our choices and erode our most fundamental liberties and rights. Big government, activist liberal judges and federal executive agencies are imposing overly intrusive micro-management in our daily lives that the nation’s Founders fought to prevent.
Until the rollback of regulatory burdens under President Trump, businesses that create jobs found it increasingly difficult to do so in the face of excessive government interference and obstruction, not to mention confiscatory taxation.
The ACRU supports efforts to rein in the nation’s growing debt which threatens the free market and America’s very ability to function as a self-governing, free republic.
Through commentary and court briefs, the ACRU is working to restore and protect the basic economic liberties that have allowed the United States to be the freest, most prosperous country in world history.

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