Economic Liberty

No constitutional freedom would be possible with the economic liberty and private property rights written into our rule of law. These freedoms are an important firewall against a government increasingly incapable of restraint. 

In 1816, Thomas Jefferson astutely noted, “spending money to be paid by (taxes), under the name of funding, is swindling on a large scale.”

An oppressive government has many avenues through which it can diminish the economic power and voice of citizens. These include high taxes, disproportionate civil and criminal penalties and excessive regulation, as well as diminishing property rights. Economic freedom can be limited by Congress, the Executive branch through agency rule marking and by state governments as well.

Even though our free market system is a brilliant example of liberty and prosperity, the left must label it as oppressive and unfair in order to succeed in its plan to institute socialism. Many liberal “reforms” use false accusations of racism or socioeconomic unfairness as excuses for their policy changes. Often they project myths of environmental destruction or weather change to garner sympathy for their anti-liberty, anti-capitalist agenda. 

American Constitutional Rights Union firmly defends individual economic liberty, the free market and the American entrepreneurial spirit that brings jobs and personal freedom to our families, communities and businesses.  We oppose big government, confiscatory taxes, burgeoning national debt, unconstitutional government spending, activist liberal judges and federal executive agencies that intrude into and micro-manage our daily lives.

We work to restore and protect the basic economic liberties that have allowed the United States to be the freest, most prosperous country in world history.

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