Wisconsin's New Aristocracy Is on the Ballot

This column by ACRU General Counsel and Senior Fellow for the Carleson Center for Public Policy (CCPP) Peter Ferrara was published April 26, 2012 on Forbes.com.Our Founding Fathers carefully eliminated in American law every special legal privilege of the old aristocracies of Europe. They strongly favored instead equality under the law, later enshrined in the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause, which means not equality of result, but that everyone plays by the same rules.A recall election for Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is scheduled for June 5. But on the ballot that day will effectively be whether we should establish in law after all these years a new aristocracy [...]

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Texas Hold 'Em Unfolds in El Paso

This column by ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight was published October 3, 2011 in The Washington Times.North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue spoke for many politicians on Tuesday when she suggested suspending congressional elections for two years to give the politicians a free hand without voter input."You want people who don't worry about the next election," Mrs. Perdue, a Democrat elected in 2008, said to a Rotary Club gathering. Although a tape of the speech reveals that she made the statement in a serious manner, she later insisted she had been joking.But the insularity of elected officials is no joke, and Americans who are looking for ways to [...]

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Left-Wing Wisconsin Recall Amnesia

This column by ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight was published August 15, 2011 in The Washington Times.Some stories have "legs." They don't disappear after a day or so but stay in the news, especially if they help move a liberal agenda. Think of global-warming findings or New York's assault on marriage.Tuesday's recall elections in Wisconsin won't have legs. That's because union-backed Democrats failed to gain control of the state Senate in perhaps the most expensive off-year campaign in history. Of six Republicans up for recall, just two were defeated. One was in a heavily Democratic district that gave President Obama more than 60 percent of the vote [...]

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Waging War, Union-style, in Wisconsin

This column by ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight was published April 8, 2011 on The Washington Times website.It seems like only yesterday that progressives were warning us about "politicizing the judiciary." That was after Iowa's voters declined last November to retain three Supreme Court justices who had ruled to overturn the state's marriage law. Today, after a feverish and expensive campaign by unions to remove conservative Wisconsin Supreme CourtJustice David Prosser, you'll hear no such talk. With last Tuesday's election between Judge Prosser and liberal JoAnne Kloppenburg possibly headed for a recount, the progressive view can be summarized as follows: "Take that, Walker!"That would be Republican Gov. [...]

Wisconsin Showdown

This column by ACRU General Counsel Peter Ferrara was published February 23, 2011 on The American Spectator website .Nationwide, state and local government workers are paid on average 45% more than private sector workers, with an average hourly wage of $26.25, and $13.56 in hourly costs for benefits, for total hourly costs of $39.81, or $80,000 per year on average. This is true in Wisconsin as well. Indeed, the Manhattan Institute's E.J. McMahon reports that for public school teachers in Milwaukee, the annual cost of family health coverage is $26,844, for which the teachers currently pay nothing.Yet, state and local government workers are mobbing the capitol in [...]

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Time to Recall AWOL Lawmakers

This column by ACRU General Counsel Peter Ferrara was published February 22, 2011 on FoxNews.com.Newly elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has moved expeditiously to propose legislation to close the state's $3.6 billion budget deficit. But that legislation languishes in the state legislature because the Democrat minority in the state Senate has fled Wisconsin, depriving the Senate of a quorum to conduct business.Wisconsin held an election in November, and the voters granted the Republicans a 19-14 Senate majority. But under the state Senate rules, a quorum of 20 is needed to conduct business. By refusing to even participate in Senate proceedings, the 14 AWOL Senate Democrats are imperiously [...]

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Recall Sheriff Dupnik

This column by ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight was published January 14, 2011 on The Washington Times website.A lot of people are wondering what to do about Clarence Dupnik, sheriff of Pima County, Ariz. He's the left-wing lawman who shot off his mouth and blamed everyone to the right of President Obama for the Jan. 8 massacre in Tucson. Last April, he boasted that he would not enforce S.B. 1070, the state's immigration enforcement law, which he called "racist," "stupid" and "disgusting." In September, he accused Tea Party members of being bigots.Name-calling is one thing. More seriously, Sheriff Dupnik's rants may have compromised the future prosecution of [...]

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Reckless Congress Makes Case for Recall

ACRU Senior Fellow Robert Knight wrote this column appearing December 17, 2010 on The Washington Times website.If ever a Congress epitomized the need for more accountability, it's the 111th lame-duck gang. Sorry, that's unfair to gangsters. With most Americans distracted by holiday plans, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, has sprung another Christmas surprise, vowing to ram through a far-left agenda in the waning days of 2010. Last year, he put a giant lump of coal in Americans' stockings with Christmas Eve passage of Obamacare.This year, he has tried to force through a pork-loaded $1.1 trillion spendathon, dumping the nearly 2,000-page omnibus bill into the hopper [...]

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New Jersey Supreme Court Rules State Constitution's Recall Law Unconstitutional

ACRU will file amicus brief when case involving effort to recall Sen. Robert Menendez is appealed to U.S. Supreme Court.The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled 4-2 on Thursday that a provision in the state Constitution providing for recall of all elected officials, including Congressmen and U.S. Senators, was unconstitutional, overruling a unanimous lower court decision.."This decision sets up a perfect test case over whether we the people in America will enjoy the freedom to maintain the continuous democratic accountability provided by recall, which is now essential to maintaining a functioning democracy in our country," said American Civil Rights Union General Counsel Peter Ferrara, who wrote an amicus [...]

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NPR: All PC Things Considered

ACRU Senior Fellow Ken Blackwell wrote this column appearing October 22, 2010, on the World Magazine website.National Public Radio is a monument to political correctness. Its acronym might better be thought of as "not professionally responsible." It is not a left-leaning organization. The Leaning Tower of Pisa leans. NPR has fallen over completely for the "progressive" agenda. It is supine. Horizontal. And the actions of NPR president Vivian Schiller in firing Juan Williams are just the most public example of NPR's bias.Juan Williams has done more than any other journalist to chronicle the history of the civil rights movement, to show the strong role of faith in [...]

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