Liberal and Progressive Vision

By |2020-04-23T21:57:02-04:00October 22nd, 2015|

Liberals and progressives are making the argument that government is no longer a threat to our liberties and there is no longer a need to be able to protect ourselves. I'd like to see their evidence.

Academic Fascism

By |2020-04-23T21:57:02-04:00August 12th, 2015|

Faculty leaders of the University of California consider certain statements racism and feel they should not be used in class.

Historical Ignorance

By |2020-04-23T21:57:03-04:00July 17th, 2015|

Because states cannot secede, the federal government can run roughshod over the U.S. Constitution's limitations of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments.

A Minority View

By |2020-04-23T21:57:03-04:00July 1st, 2015|

The following are some statements by the Founding Fathers.

The Ticket to Prosperity

By |2020-04-23T21:57:04-04:00April 8th, 2015|

Despite decades of economic aid, many recipient nations are worse off now than they were before they first received development assistance.


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