Williams on Redistribution of Wealth

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3/6: ACRU Policy Board member and Professor of Economics Dr. Walter E Williams speaks to the Young Americans Foundation on the morality of wealth redistribution.

Fascism and Communism

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Why are leftists soft on communism? The reason leftists give communists a pass is that they sympathize with the chief goal of communism: restricting personal liberty.

Charlottesville Donnybrook

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One does not have to accept the racist and nationalist vision of the Unite the Right organization to recognize and respect its First Amendment rights.


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Too many people believe that slavery is a "peculiar institution."

Colleges: Islands of Intolerance

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Is there no limit to the level of disgusting behavior on college campuses that parents, taxpayers, donors and legislators will accept?

Were Confederate Generals Traitors?

By |2020-04-23T21:56:57-04:00June 29th, 2017|

Confederate generals were fighting for independence from the Union just as George Washington and other generals fought for independence from Great Britain.

How to Live in Peace

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My win does not come at your expense, and your win doesn't come at my expense. And just as importantly, we can be friends.


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