ACRU Letter to Chancellor Green, University of Nebraska-Lincoln re: Drastic COVID Measures

January 13, 2021 Chancellor Ronnie Green Office of the Chancellor University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1400 R Street Lincoln, NE 68588 Re: Enhanced COVID Safety Measures for Spring 2021 Dear Chancellor Green: I am writing on behalf of American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) in conjunction with Students for Liberty, which has an organized student chapter on your campus and on campuses around the world. ACRU is an organization committed to defending the constitutional rights of every American, including students. As you are aware, as a public institution, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is obligated to act within the confines of the Constitution and protect the rights of every one of [...]

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Congratulations to incoming congressional conservatives

The incoming freshman class on Capitol Hill includes historic firsts for conservative members who promise to stand firm against government overreach while protecting individual and economic liberty. So far, this movement is led by new GOP members from diverse backgrounds that have provided them with an understanding of tyranny and the danger of socialism, including three Cuban-Americans, an Iranian-American, and a Ukrainian American.

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Will liberal politicos appoint black-robed henchmen?

Sometimes it's best just to quote a well-written article, like this one by Cato Institute’s Doug Bandow on the upcoming fight for a Constitutional judiciary: “left-wing jurisprudence means making everything up as one goes along. The Constitution and written laws are irrelevant. Judges decide what new rules they want to implement that day. What injustice must be remedied? What practices should be proscribed? What conduct should be mandated?”

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Mr. Bean and cancel culture’s “medieval mob”

Who would have expected Mr. Bean to be the oracle of anti-cancel culture wisdom, but in a recent interview, British actor Rowan Atkinson brilliantly noted the absurd dangers of allowing a one-sided, biased algorithm created by liberal control freaks to decide who wins or loses within society. Mr. Bean may have been canceled, but Mr. Atkinson clearly has not.

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Euthanasia by bureaucrats in LA

The first right in America’s first founding document is “life.” Yet Los Angeles County is instructing paramedics to withhold treatment and hospital transport from COVID patients perceived as in end stages of life. This is morally reprehensible for the patient—and for paramedics who dedicate their lives to saving others, and should not be forced to make decisions of who lives or dies. This puts LA in its own hideous class of COVID crisis tyrants.

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Teaching liberty during this oppressive lockdown and beyond

COVID created a nation of homeschooling parents. We fully understand that for many families, this has been difficult. It also presents new opportunities for parents to teach kids lessons in civics and actual history, as opposed to teachers unions’ slanted and revised history.

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Would you like a side of worship with that?

ACRU recently defended an Anne Arundel, MD pastor fined by the health department for not wearing a mask in an empty building. Now a local judge is questioning county officials about their desire to put local restaurants out of business. Restaurants have paid lobbyists and lawyers; churches don't. We hope local courts will take notice of their loss of liberty as well, soon, even without the paid influence.

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“If you see me in DC, say hi. You’re safe with me.”

The right to bear arms is enshrined in our Constitution. Liberals treat it as a policy issue rather than a right and pass laws blocking individual right to self-defense. Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is challenging DC gun laws that only allow unloaded guns in Congressional offices and none on the streets. We expect the DC government to take legal action. This may end in a Supreme Court challenge.

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Michigan ballot audit finds massive error rate in Dominion Machines

An audit of the Dominion Voting System by Allied Security Operations Group has revealed an astounding level of vote count errors. A massive 68 percent error rate? Accidental or on purpose? The initial audit was in a “reliably Republican county” where thousands of votes were recorded for Joe Biden that were actually Donald Trump votes. The error was rectified but leaves significant questions about Dominion machines across the country.  This objective and quantifiable report is likely the tip of a very ugly iceberg. 

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