Vaccine Mandate ‘Feels Like Coercion,’ Says Teacher Who Fears Firing

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Special needs teacher Angela Jones could be fired from her job with the Boston school system. Why? Because she is unvaccinated. Jones teaches elementary students in Boston Public Schools, where she has taught for nearly 20 years. She says she is one of more than 400 teachers there who have declined to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

School Forces 9-Year-Old to Sit Outside Alone for Hours, Deems Him a ‘Clear and Present Danger’ For Refusing to Wear a Mask

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Imagine being a 9-year-old who’s lived under California’s draconian pandemic restrictions for two years (20 percent of his life!), who just wants to go back to being a kid, and trying to keep up with it. Sadly, that’s just what Kamdin has dealt with in January. In parts two and three of this series we’ll go through what the last year or so has been like for Kamdin at school.

Rand Paul Joins Bar Owner Defying DC Vaccine Mandate

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The Big Board was pretty packed Tuesday night for a bar without a liquor license in a city that loves its booze. Multiple Republican members of Congress and a slew of their staffers showed up to support the D.C. bar and restaurant, located at 421 H St. NE, mere hours after the city’s Health Department put a notice of closure on its doors.

Parents Sue Virginia School System Over Mask Mandate

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Three parents filed suit against a northern Virginia school district complaining its enforcement of a mask mandate defies state policy. Fight for Schools announced the lawsuit against the Loudoun County School Board in an emailed press release Tuesday evening.


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