Anti-vax mandate protesters storm movie theater in NYC

In Canada, they have scores of big rigs surrounding Ottowa’s capital complex and blocking border crossing points. In New York City, those opposed to mandates roll a bit differently. They decided to team up and “occupy” an AMC movie theater that was enforcing some COVID suppression measures. Estimates of the number of mandate opponents varied, but the videos showing up online suggest that there were at least several dozen of them.

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Loudoun County Public Schools: Maskless Students Can Be Cited for Trespassing if Suspended

Loudoun County Public Schools has responded to rumors of maskless students facing arrest, saying that no students have been arrested for not following coronavirus-related rules, such as wearing a mask. The county added, however, that it is true students can face suspension for repeated violations of policies implemented in response to the Chinese coronavirus, and if suspended students return to school, they could be cited for trespassing.

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