Congressional Democrats Remove All Doubt That They Support Vote Fraud

Last minute insertions into the Senate’s Coronavirus relief bill by House Democrats would impose permanent changes to election protocols that will encourage and protect vote fraud. At ACRU, we think it is critically important for all our friends and supporters to understand the seriousness of what is at stake should Nancy Pelosi’s provisions pass Congress.

Blackwell: ACLU Now Defending Etiquette, Not Speech

7/30: ACRU’s Policy Board member and senior fellow Ken Blackwell explains how the ACLU went from defending civil liberties to defending liberal ideals.

Justice Department: SCOTUS Should Throw Out Illegal Alien Teenager Abortion Case, Punish ACLU Lawyers

DOJ is making the case that the ACLU’s deception was so blatant and egregious that the licensed attorneys working on this case should be punished by the Supreme Court or the states where they are licensed.

As Evidence of Election Fraud Emerges, the Media Wants to Keep You in the Dark

This column by ACRU Policy Board member Hans von Spakovsky was published September 20, 2017 by The Daily Signal.If you have no idea what happened at the second meeting of President Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in New Hampshire on Sept. 12, I’m not surprised.Though a horde of reporters attended the meeting, almost all of the media stories that emerged from it simply repeated the progressive left’s mantra that the commission is a “sham.”Almost no one covered the substantive and very concerning testimony of 10 expert witnesses on the problems that exist in our voter registration and election system.The witnesses included academics, election lawyers, state [...]

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