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Red County Election Integrity


Allen West


April 3, 2024

If there is one dominant theme I hear in my travels in and around Dallas County, Texas, and indeed across America, it is this. Hey, Colonel, what are we going to do about election integrity? Colonel, how do we keep them, the progressive socialist left, from cheating? The answer is not that hard and is quite achievable. If you go back and assess the 2020 presidential electoral map by County, you will see an abundance of Red counties, that is the key. What so many of us fail to realize is that election processes and procedures are decided at the County level of governance. This is why County Commissioner seats are important. The County commissioners are the ones who appoint a County elections supervisor. Or in some cases, the County elections supervisor is an elected position.

Here in Harris County (Houston), Texas, the largest county in Texas and in the top five in the United States, the county supervisor of elections in 2020 was appointed by the delusional leftist County Judge, Lina Hidalgo. Chris Hollins just happened to be an officer with the Texas Democratic Party. It was Hollins who presented absurd ideas such as 24-hour voting. Just to be clear, Texas only needs Waffle House and Whataburger to be open 24 hours. He was also proposing election drop boxes and, of course, in predominant Democrat precincts. But most importantly, Hollins was seeking to mail out nearly a million unsolicited mail in ballots. We exposed and put a kibosh on many of the initiatives that he was proposing, and Donald Trump won Texas by 6%.

Leftists are bold and audacious when it comes to nefarious ideas and proposals that undermine the integrity of our electoral process. It is time that Red counties in these United States of America find their intestinal fortitude and push back.

First of all, Red counties can start by passing a series of resolutions that determine how their elections will be conducted. I would offer that, foremost, eliminate the unconstitutional practice of unsolicited mail-in ballots. This was a goofy idea presented by one Eric Holder in a Time Magazine article titled “How Coronavirus Should Permanently Change Elections in America,” April 2020. It was there that Holder publicly introduced the fraud-wrought tomfoolery of mail-in ballots. And unsolicited mail-in ballots are not to be confused with absentee ballots, which are a requested and controlled item… at least they should be dated with signature verification. And they should not be accepted after election day. Does anyone other than me find it interesting how Democrats always find more ballots after election day, and the ballots are all for Democrats?

Another important initiative that Red Counties can adopt is to ensure that illegal immigrants and non-citizens are not allowed to vote. Let it be known that the cat is out of the bag now, the leftists are firmly asserting the goal of having illegals vote. Hmm, perhaps that would explain the illegal and unconstitutional Biden plan of flying illegal immigrants into the United States from outside our borders and into Florida and Texas. Sadly, here in Texas, a piece of legislation to prevent non-citizens from voting in Texas failed in the Republican-controlled Texas State House in our last legislative session. I would offer that as one of many reasons why the Texas Speaker of the House is in a runoff.

Red counties can also create resolutions that demand, with enforcement mechanisms, to have regular, monthly, eligible voter roll reviews. There are people on the voting rolls who no longer walk this earth. There are people who have moved from previous locations and residences but remain on eligible rolls in the previous location, as well as the moved-to location.

Red counties can dictate moving to precinct-level voting. Here in Dallas County, Texas, we have countywide voting, along with centralized tabulations. We need to return to the old-school way of voting in your neighborhood, your precinct, and your vote should be tabulated there. Speaking of voting tabulations, why can’t Red counties mandate that early voting results be printed, not counted, but not remain in machines where they can be manipulated or hacked?

Lastly, why can’t more rural Red Counties decide to utilize paper balloting?

Red counties in our Republic can begin to form a national bulwark to preclude leftists manipulations and dropping of “ghost voters” into their communities. As well, Red States need to pass legislation to block any ability of blue counties and municipalities, such as we are seeing in Dallas, Texas, to adopt Rank Choice Voting (RCV), a total assault upon representative democracy.

The American Constitutional Rights Union supports all of these initiatives as part of our Live Free Local programs. Let’s start realizing that if we Fight Local…We Win National!

Steadfast and Loyal.



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