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Who Are the True Authoritarians?


Allen West


January 17, 2024

“No Amendment [to the US Constitution] is absolute.” – Joe Biden

Greetings, everyone.  Well, one down, and another one coming next week. Of course, I am referring to the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary next week . . . the first in the nation As we all know, former President Donald Trump crushed his GOP presidential primary race opponents with 51 percent, the largest ever, 30 percent spread to number two. Now of course Joe Scarborough of MSNBC says that is not some great feat since 49 percent did not vote for Trump. Such an assertion is disingenuous because chances are the 28 percent, who combined, voted for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy would certainly be voting for Trump as second. We all know that Ramaswamy has dropped out and pledged his support to former President Trump.

On the evening of the Iowa caucus, I felt it was more important to turn over to MSNBC and see what their commentators had to say. Of course, the delusional Joy Reid went right to the expected leftist racism statement. She viewed Iowa as irrelevant because after all, “it is just a place full of white Christians.” Imagine a white commentator of Fox News or Newsmax referring to South Carolina Democrat primary voters as “just a bunch of irrelevant Black Christians?”

But it was the venerable Rachel Maddow who gave us the focus topic of this week’s constitutional brief. It was Ms. Maddow who affirmed that the folks in Iowa just went and voted for authoritarianism. Really? Authoritarianism? A progressive socialist leftist accusing Iowa GOP caucus voters, well, 51 percent of them, of supporting authoritarianism?

Recently I wrote a piece called “The Real Dictators” and outlined how the left is accusing former President Trump of being a dictator. However, a careful analysis of their policies proves that they are the real dictators. Also, I did a podcast monologue addressing what I call the “Party of Projection,” meaning that the Democrat party, the Marxists, love projecting onto others, namely their political opposition, exactly who they are, and what they advance.

Leftist trolls not familiar with the opening quote might attribute it to Donald Trump . . . Wrong! That quote comes from one Joe Biden and was given from a podium at the White House. Now, what can be more authoritarian than a sitting US president telling us that no amendment to our US Constitution, our rule of law, is absolute? Of course, ol’ Joe was referring to the Second Amendment, which has very clear language:

“A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

That is some pretty absolute language, “shall not be infringed.“ Unless you are an authoritarian leftist who wants complete control over the people. That has been proven countless times after leftist authoritarians have taken over nations. The first thing they do is disarm the people; convert them from being citizens to subjects. That is the lesson that our Founding Fathers learned from the British.

However, Joe did not specify the Second Amendment when he made that assertion. So, I guess it is okay for the Biden administration, and the left, to support censoring Americans because free speech is not absolute? It is okay to support a designated Islamic terrorist organization — talk about authoritarians — and call for the genocide of an entire race of people…but do not speak out against COVID shots. Hey, what about those amendments, 13-15? Are they not absolute? Look, I ain’t going back to being a slave to the Democrat party, whether physical or economic bondage.

Remember it was Barack Hussein Obama, the all-knowing oracle of socialism, who once quipped that he wanted a civilian force that was just as powerful as our military. He also said that Democrats should “punish” their political opposition. Sounds pretty authoritarian to me.

Certainly, this one takes the cake: Joe Biden said, “If you wanted or if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-16s and maybe nuclear weapons.” Hmm, so if there was ever an authoritarian statement made by a sitting president, well, this one is a winner. Biden was threatening American citizens, whom he wished to disarm, see authoritarian executive orders through the ATF, with combat jets and nuclear weapons.

Now, of course, our dear deranged leftist friends, whom you will have to eventually “unfriend,” will say, “C’mon man, this is all just a joke.” Well, when one considers recent history the hundreds of millions who have lost their lives to leftist authoritarian regimes, and still are, I think we should take these statements seriously. Furthermore, if these statements were to ever be made by former President Trump, there would be banshee-like outcries. Then again, there already are banshee-like outcries, such as we see from Rachel Maddow and her ilk. Funny, you hear leftist pundits ranting about Donald Trump will line up his opposition and execute them, however, that is exactly what leftist authoritarians do. Already, if you have not been paying attention, NBC News reported that plans are being developed to undermine the authority of the Commander-in-Chief, if, in fact, it is Donald Trump. But it was okay for Joe Biden to issue an unlawful, unethical, immoral, and unconstitutional order to our military to force them into taking an Experimental Use Authorized (EUA) shot. Now, this same corrupt administration is saying to those troops they discharged, “Oops, my bad.” That’s kinda what authoritarians do, shoot first, take power, and say, “Sorry.”

It is clear that in this election cycle we will be inundated with the rhetoric of white supremacy, racism, dictatorship, killing babies in the womb, and authoritarianism. All of this will be coming from the lips of authoritarians.

Never forget the image of Joe Biden delivering his authoritarian speech demonizing Americans before our Constitution Hall. It was a dark specter and perfectly made for a Sith Lord. In the background were two US Marines, sadly used as props for a maniacal speech.

The true authoritarians are the ones calling everyone else an authoritarian. They are the ones demanding that you shut up, eat bugs, and buy their approved vehicles and appliances. They are also the ones allowing the illegal entry of millions of single military-aged males, who according to leftist Senator Dick Durbin, should be recruited into our military.

If we want to Live Free, then stop voting the true authoritarians into elected office. The motto of the State of New Hampshire is “Live Free, or Die.” Patrick Henry once said, “Give me Liberty or give me death.”

Frederick Douglass once said:

“From the first I saw no chance of bettering the condition of the freedman, until he should cease to be merely a freedman, and should become a citizen. I insisted that there was no safety for him, nor for anybody else in America, outside the American Government: that to guard, protect, and maintain his liberty, the freedman should have the ballot; that the liberties of the American people were dependent upon the Ballot-box, the Jury-box, and the Cartridge-box, that without these no class of people could live and flourish in this country; and this was now the word for the hour with me, and the word to which the people of the North willingly listened when I spoke. Hence, regarding as I did, the elective franchise as the one great power by which all civil rights are obtained, enjoyed, and maintained under our form of government, and the one without which freedom to any class is delusive if not impossible, I set myself to work with whatever force and energy I possessed to secure this power for the recently emancipated millions.”

Now, I wonder if the leftist authoritarians will call me a racist, white supremacist, or insurrectionist for quoting the words of a Black man. A Black man who articulated what the three boxes of liberty were for the American people. A Black man who was instrumental in the creation of the Emancipation Proclamation, the first Black military unit (54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment), and the 13th Amendment (which the Democrats did not support). Then again,” no amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” says Joe Biden. I guess with authoritarians, some things never change.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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