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What’s Your Social Credit Score?


Allen West


August 17, 2023

Howdy, everyone! Greetings from Kinney County, Texas, down on the border where I try to spend a few days supporting Sheriff Brad Coe and his outstanding law enforcement agency.

As I was driving down, stuck in traffic on I-35, heading south in San Marcos, I was pondering so many things. I was thinking about the recent indictments of former President Trump, and 19 others, insidiously under Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in the state of my birth and raising, Georgia. When one peels back the layers of the onion and conducts a careful analysis you will ascertain that there is much ado about nothing with these charges. I believe that these indictments are not meant to be successful, or ending with a conviction, but rather an opportunity to undermine and distract Trump as a leading presidential candidate.

But, it is not just that, it is also meant to do the ol’ “Kansas City Shuffle” on all of us and keep us distracted from real and true intentions of the progressive socialist left. I thought about the Capital One banking commercial where they ask, “What’s in your wallet?” That led me to think about the question aforementioned as the title of this missive, “What’s Your Social Credit Score?”

As soon as I arrived at my quiet little respite here in Bracketville, Texas, Ft. Clark, and got settled in, I did a little research to confirm what I suspected. Perhaps y’all are already aware, but often we make the mistake of believing that others know what we know. I never want to make that mistake.

Right now, behind the scenes, the leftists, by way of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), funded by George Soros, have developed something called the Corporate Equity Index (CEI). There are some five to six evaluative criteria the HRC uses to “grade” corporations which mainly center around the radical LGBTQIA+ alphabet soup mafia agenda. The goal is for companies to earn a total of 100 points, or else. The “or else” is the same old progressive socialist Marxist playbook — threats, coercion, intimidation, and creation of fear — in order to make companies acquiesce to these demands of DEI, intersectionality, and gender dysphoria support. Currently there are some 840 American companies who have submitted to the absurd demands — actually, a shakedown — of the HRC in order to advance this ideological agenda. We have seen examples of such with Bud Light and Target to name a few.

This short video will provide you with a tutorial on the CEI agenda.

However, it is not just that the HRC is attempting to force its agenda onto corporate America. I am sure y’all are aware of the Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance (ESG) push. This is being led by major fund managers such as Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street, who have some control of nearly 85 percent of investment fund management in America. This includes the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) of our men and women serving in uniform. You may want to do a check to see if your investment funds management is handled by these Big Three. Remember, Joe Biden is forcing investments of your dollars into ESG related funds.

Consider this: what happens when the federal government begins to track the purchases of American citizens? Do not tell me that will not happen; the leftists are seeking to do so with firearms purchases. What if the left starts denying purchasing power to individuals they have identified as constitutional conservatives, ya know, those who do not agree with their leftist ideological agenda?

We already know this is happening with certain companies denying payment platform usage and individuals finding themselves being told by certain financial institutions that they no longer want their accounts. The Communist Chinese Party has a social credit score monitoring system, and we know that Joe Biden has been bought and paid for by the CCP.

Remember the movie “Minority Report” where you could be identified by retina scan when entering a business? Well, we are already being data mined by various social media platforms. No, I am not being a conspiracy theorist, this is happening.

Think about the recent conversation about Centralized Banking Digital Currency (CBDC). Nothing could go wrong with that, right? So, if a financial institution knows that your CEI or personal Social Credit Score is below the accepted rate, what happens if they decide to freeze your financial accounts under the auspices of a CBDC?

What all of this means is that the leftists do not believe we have any freedom of speech, expression, conscience, or choice. It is just like implanting a device into your vehicle that tracks your mileage. They are going to force you into submission and subjugation to their ideological agenda . . . or else. That “or else” could mean restricting your purchasing power. “Hmm, Col. West, you are quite the outspoken conservative and we see that you still drive an internal combustion vehicle and have not upgraded your stove, dishwasher, and have made firearms purchases . . . ” Yeah, it is becoming quite Orwellian.

The progressive socialist leftists do not wish for us to Live Free. They want us to live as their serfs. In frank Southern vernacular, “That dog don’t hunt.” Let’s not become so distracted by the media sensationalism that we lose sight of what the totalitarians and tyrants of leftism are seeking to accomplish. The American Constitutional Rights Union will not lose sight, and we will keep you informed, educated, and activated. Stay tuned for our upcoming Live Free TV episode discussing this topic in-depth. The more we are fully aware of the left’s agenda, the better prepared we can be to defeat it.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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