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The Unequal Application of Law and Justice


Allen West


August 3, 2023

The final words of the US Pledge of Allegiance — which leftists abhor, states — “one Nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.” The word “justice” does not need a qualifying adjective, which the left loves, a word they use, social. Social justice is nothing more than leftists deciding how they can manipulate and dismiss the rule of law in order to leverage their ideological agenda in the pursuit of equity, equality of outcomes. And it must be apparent to us all now that the outcome most desired by progressive socialist leftists is totalitarian control and power. Therefore, to the progressive socialist leftists, justice is not blind. It is, as with all Marxists, perverted to be used as a weapon against any and all deemed political opponents . . . their defined enemy.

If you stand against the deranged leftist scheme — heck, religion — of climate change, murdering unborn babies in the womb, gender dysphoria, same-sex marriage, open borders, and centralized wealth redistribution economic policies, you are to be persecuted and prosecuted. Parents have no rights, as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Karine Jean-Pierre have asserted, your children are not yours, they belong to all of us. Disagree, and you are now designated as a domestic terrorist and even laws are being passed in leftist states to forcibly take children away from parents.

The recent flurry of so-called indictments against former President Trump are further evidence of the unequal application of justice by the leftists. No, I do not refer to them as “liberals.” They are not in the classical liberal model of John Locke.

Donald Trump has been hit with charges of conspiracy, incitement, and obstruction of government procedure. Hmm, wasn’t this the very same thing that leftists did in the elections in 2000, when Al Gore sought to bring a lawsuit over the results. We recall all the anti-George W. Bush rhetoric afterward. The same continued in 2004 when Bush defeated John Kerry. Then in 2008 with Barack Obama, the leftists were happy. But, if you criticized the policies of Obama, you were a racist. Nevermind the New Black Panther Party members out at polling locations in uniforms and with clubs; something that was not prosecuted by Eric Holder, the Attorney General.

The leftists have charged Trump with deleting documents and having classified materials. Yet nothing was done against Hillary Clinton for having an unsecured private email server in her residence, upon which classified documents were transmitted. Nor were there any charges or consequences for her destroying some 33,000 government emails and her computer hardware. As a matter of fact, Joe Biden has still not had any charges brought against him for having classified documents in his garage, as well as at the UPenn Biden Center . . . which is funded by the Chinese.

Trump was impeached over a phone call about Ukrainian corruption. Biden is dismissing his involvement with Ukrainian corruption by way of the Burisma Corporation where he was involved in an investigator being fired. Quid pro quo for taxpayer funding going to Ukraine.

Doggone, on the day of Trump’s inauguration you had leftist mobs setting cars on fire in Washington, DC. Days later Madonna delivers a speech where she admits to wanting to burn down the White House. The Secret Service finds cocaine in the Biden White House but can’t figure out who it belongs to? The Biden administration colluded with private sector media companies to suppress the free speech of Americans, and nothing? Our border is wide open and illegals are pouring in, clear violation of our rule of law, and nothing? Now we have the Governor of Illinois, another rich elitist leftist, signing a law that will allow illegals to become law enforcement officers?

Hunter Biden goes in to plead guilty to committing crimes, tax fraud and lying on a federal firearms background check form, because he will face no equal application of the law. When a very astute Delaware federal judge digs into this plea bargain seeking to ensure the equal application of justice, the law, Hunter changed his tune to “not guilty.” This fella should be heading off to federal prison for at least ten years. You and I would.

Ladies and gents, we are not looking at a two-tiered system of justice. We are witnessing the undermining of the rule of law and the equal application of justice, purposefully and intentionally. The leftists in America are like kids playing with matches and sticks of dynamite. Their willful and deranged designs are not hidden. We cannot Live Free in this Constitutional Republic with them holding any positions of power. This march towards a “fundamental transformation” of America must be defeated; failure is, indeed, not an option. It will take courageous constitutional conservatives, true classical liberals, who will not wilt in the face of this clear and present danger.

I am reminded of a saying from Texas Ranger Captain Bill McDonald, “A man in the wrong can’t stand against a man in the right, who just keeps a comin”. We must be tireless and relentless. Our mission here at the ACRU is to keep you better informed, educated, and activated so you can be effective on this ideological battleground. I am truly humbled and honored when I witness your forthright response to the calls to action.

The American Constitutional Rights Union and I are committed to restoring and upholding the promise of “justice for all.” Join with us as this is the defining stand we must take in order to preserve this blessed Union, our home, these United States of America.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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