Press Release: Leftists in America Want Economic Enslavement


ACRU Staff


July 24, 2023


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MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

Leftists in America Want Economic Enslavement

When We Are Dependent, We Are in Bondage

Naples, FL — “Last week, White House mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre, stated that college students, who went into a contractual agreement for a loan to attend college, a decision they made, are owed $468 billion in college debt relief by the American taxpayer,” states ACRU Executive Director Allen West in his latest OPED for West continues, “It appears that nothing will deter this Biden administration from overreaching its expressed constitutional powers when it comes to enacting its ideological agenda. In this case, the agenda is all about the political economics of dependency.”

“This is all about having specific constituencies in our Republic realize that they can indeed vote their own largesse from the public treasury. The designed and desired outcome is for these constituencies to lend their electoral support to those who provide them the most direct economic benefit. This is the aim of the progressive socialist left, to build more economically dependent constituencies to maintain a firm hold on power. Who cares about a $32 trillion national debt?”

As notable radio commentator Rush Limbaugh once said, ‘It is hard to run against Santa Claus.’ Progressive socialists offer everything to those willing to surrender their individual liberty and freedom in return for free stuff. This is the philosophy of wealth redistribution and the expansion of a welfare nanny state, both socialist economic policy tenets.

West concludes, “The political economics of dependency cannot be denied and indeed not argued. The leftists in America must have economic enslavement. They are the party of the original enslavement. Their War on Poverty, the “Great Society” policies of economic dependence, has unequivocally destroyed the Black community, turning our inner cities into 21st-century economic plantations where the left harvests votes instead of cotton.

“Being economically dependent is the antithesis of what America represents, individual economic independence. The political economics of dependency promotes one of the most horrifying aspects of mankind, the willful destruction of individual will and determination. When you are dependent, you are in bondage.”


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