Press Release: Hey Leftists! Hands Off Our Kids!


ACRU Staff


June 21, 2023


CONTACT: Tracey Miller, 202-660-1628,

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

Hey Leftists! Hands Off Our Kids!

We Will Not Surrender Our Children to Absurdities and Perversions

Naples, FL — “‘Give us the child for eight years, and it will be a Bolshevik forever.’ The aforementioned quote is from a leading leftist, socialist/Marxist figure, Vladimir Lenin, and is also reflective of the mentality of leftists in America today. Consider the crusade of the left to begin their systemic cultural Marxist indoctrination of our children as early as kindergarten,” states ACRU Executive Director Allen West in his latest OPED for

West continues, “We have recently been entertained by the triumvirate of incompetence, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Karine Jean-Pierre, who informed us that our children are not our children while explicitly stating that they belong to, well, “all of us.” It was the seemingly unscrupulous Terry McAuliffe who openly asserted, during the Virginia gubernatorial debate, that parents have no right to decide what their children are being taught. Just recently, the leftist Southern Poverty Legal Center (SPLC) decreed that a number of parental rights groups be designated as hate groups. We all know that leftist Attorney General, Merrick Garland, designated parents as ‘domestic terrorists.’”

It is long past the time to fight for our children. Throughout history, indoctrinating our children has been a favorite strategy of those who wish to impose their freedom-robbing ideology on citizens.

“Though this emanates from the Democrats, there are those in the Republican Party who are all in for the sexualization of our children and who believe that we should not speak of nor engage in this “culture war.” To those members of the “Republican Party,” I call you cowards and enablers and ask that you just stay out of the way as we fight for our children.

“The story of Marshall Simonds Middle School in Burlington, Massachusetts, is just encouraging, actually phenomenal. It appears that the school wanted the students to honor pride month on June 2nd by wearing rainbow clothing. It seems that there were some kids who didn’t conform and instead wore patriotic colors and chanted, “My pronouns are USA,” and destroyed pride flags. Boom!

“When I was a little boy, my grandpa nicknamed me “Mule” because I was stubborn. Thank God we still have righteously stubborn kids in America. There is no better place for the birth of new Sons and Daughters of Liberty than in Massachusetts.

“Hey, leftists, leave the kids alone; I find it unconscionable that the left believes that we are just supposed to lie down and take their absurdities and perversions with no opposition. Then again, the leftists want no opposition.”


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