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America’s Version of Bizarro World


Allen West


May 31, 2023

“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” — Isaiah 5:20 (NIV)

Perhaps there are those of you who remember the DC Comics venture called Bizarro World? Yes, I am dating myself. There in the Bizarro World also known as the cube-shaped planet Htrae, the society is ruled by the Bizarro Code that affirms that they must do everything in opposition to earthly things. In the Bizarro World it is a crime to basically do things the right way, to make anything perfect. When I think about the introductory verse from Isaiah 5:20, it reminds me of living in a Bizarro World where things are accepted if done in opposition to what should be normal, right, and from a place of common sense. When one ponders this deeply, it appears that this is where we are heading, or have arrived, in America.

Just think about it: inflation and excessive government spending is considered good. Those who believe in fiscal responsibility are considered bad. Heck, you are ridiculed viciously. High energy prices are great because you should not be driving a combustion engine vehicle and high prices will force you into discarding personal freedom of individual transportation. Doggone, in Bizarro World, energy independence is bad.

In Bizarro World, illegal immigration is fine, perfectly acceptable, and embraced as welcoming migrants who are seeking “asylum.” Yeah, a bunch of single, military-aged males, including a surge of Chinese, are here to do good for our country. You should not be concerned about the drug, human, and sex trafficking or child sexual exploitation crisis. As a matter of fact, speaking out against illegal immigration will get you demonized as xenophobic, a hater. But for those who abjectly lie about the illegal immigration situation facing our Republic, well, they are the good guys.

So, yes, we have entered into an alternative universe, if it were not so serious it would be a great comic book series replete with outlandish characters. But this is not funny, and somehow, the good guys are not the evil guys. Oops, for the sake of political correctness, “guys” is a reference to both men and women. Sorry, but I do not reside in the Bizarro World of more than two genders.

This whole episode of being upside down in America did not just happen in this current administration. It began with one Barack Hussein Obama . . . his Bizarro world name. I would suppose in the normal world his name was Barry Soetoro. Consider the oxymoronic — emphasis on moron — of the healthcare law title “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” As with things in the Bizarro World, that insidious piece of legislation did nothing to protect patients nor was affordable. That goes right along with Operation Fast and Furious. Hint to leftist readers: this is not about the movie series. Eric Holder and Obama came up with an evil plan to undermine our Second Amendment rights by flooding weapons into Mexico, which ended up being used to kill Mexican citizens, and a US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. But in the progressive socialist leftist Bizarro World, that was perfectly fine.

See, you can abandon Americans to die in Benghazi or make fateful decisions resulting in American troops losing their lives in Afghanistan. But in the leftist Bizarro World, at this point, what difference does it make? Everything is opposite to right, perfect, what things should be.

If you do not want your children to have your bodies mutilated, as Joe Biden asserted in an interview, that is just pure evil. If you do not want to murder unborn babies by dismemberment you deserve to be investigated by the FBI, have your church vandalized, or have your pro-life advocacy center firebombed . . . but you do want to murder babies in the womb right up to and after birth, well, that ain’t radical, that is just perfectly fine on the leftist planet of Htrae, known as Bizarro World.

Heck, in Bizarro World, a biological male can pretend that they are a female – playing make-believe — and we are supposed to accommodate that imperfect concept. Then again, in Bizarro World, the perfect is rejected. There, it is perfectly fine to expose children to mentally disturbed perverts who display their genitals to our kids.

In Bizarro World, the bad guys are the ones who believe in the Constitution. The good guys are the ones who burn down buildings, destroy property, and attack law enforcement officers. It is more acceptable to investigate the leftist opposition on the Bizarro World, and that is called unity. On the normal planet Earth, it is conformity by threat, coercion, intimidation, and ultimately violence. Bizarro World leftists believe that real law enforcement are the ones who make up lies and false dossiers and, in turn, conduct surveillance against those wrongfully accused. See, in Bizarro World, there is no rule of law. That is the perfect way, there is just rule, and by any means necessary. Intelligence agencies do not conduct intelligence operations. As a matter of fact, in the progressive socialist leftist Bizarro world incompetence is rewarded, not intelligence. It is there that these intelligence agencies create deceitful documents, letters, and memorandums and refer to truth as “disinformation” and “misinformation.”

In the Bizarro World, those who deny the freedom of speech of others are just fine, those wanting freedom of speech and expression are called fascists. In the Bizarro World, everyone who disagrees with the principles and values of the Bizarro World are labeled “white supremacists,” regardless of actual skin color.

What I find very interesting is that the planet where the Bizarro World exists is called Htrae. Just a simple re-lettering and you come up with the word “Hater.” Joe Biden, the current presiding official of Bizarro World, recently made a statement about eradicating hate. I would offer that in the state of delusion we know as the Bizarro World, if we got rid of the progressive socialists, leftists, Marxists, communists, who masquerade in the political party referred to as Democrat, there would be a lot less hate. No, I am not talking about eliminating y’all, but preventing leftists from having any semblance of power. Remember, that Superman, that simple fella from Smallville, Kansas, was punished on Bizarro World for trying to do something perfect, right? What could that have been?

Well, Superman stood for truth, justice, and the American way. The planet Htrae was established in cube form as his punishment. The progressive socialist left in America do not believe in truth, justice, and the American way. They are therefore punishing us all on this planet they have renamed Hater, and the establishment of Bizarro World.

Let’s return to normal, perhaps take the “red pill” and exit this Matrix of delusion. It comes down to a simple decision: accept the wrong, evil, for right, good. Embrace the darkness and call it light, or refer to the bitter taste of progressive socialism as “sweet,” or restore our Constitutional Republic.

I reject the Bizarro World because you cannot Live Free there. The opposite is to live in bondage under tyranny.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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