Press Release & Media Availability: ‘Broken Arrow” Situation at the Border


ACRU Staff


May 15, 2023


CONTACT: Tracey Miller, 202-660-1628,

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

‘Broken Arrow’ Situation at the Border

It’s Time to Stop Relying on Politicians

Naples, FL — “Last week, the United States of America officially entered into a state of being overrun. That is especially the case here in my home state of Texas. The videos and true, factual reports, not those of the partisan, propagandized media, show the mass flood of humanity illegally entering our country,” observes ACRU Executive Director Allen West in his most recent TownHall OpEd.

The military code word “Broken Arrow” was used when a unit faced being completely overrun and signaled an emergency request for all available air support necessary, even considering the potentially lethal risk associated with extreme close-range air support. “Broken Arrow” was used in only the most dire situations.

West continues, “We have reached a point of calling out “Broken Arrow,” but the difference is that there is no support forthcoming. As a matter of fact, the purposeful and intentional disregard of our borders by federal and state elected officials is highly disturbing, treasonous, and fully representative of high crimes and misdemeanors. To ignore and abandon legal, law-abiding citizens at a time when their homes, ranches, property, and communities are being overrun by those who do have a right to enter our country is appalling.”

“Over these past two years, We the People, have been fed lies, deception, gimmicks, optics, and platitudes when it comes to our southern border security. Now, it has reached its full zenith, and there are still two more years of Biden regime rule…even more years of a feckless Texas governor. Neither of whom are fulfilling their constitutional duties and responsibilities.

“It is time we look to our constitutional law enforcement officers and sheriffs and empower them to reject the overrunning of our communities. It is time that more of us find the time to volunteer and assist our sheriffs in fulfilling their constitutional duties of honoring the rule of law and protecting us. It is apparent that we cannot depend upon politicians, elected officials, whether Democrat or Republican, to fulfill their responsibility, as they are willfully eschewing that duty for ideological gain.”

Remember, Broken Arrow was a codename that leveraged full and available combat power to be concentrated at a decisive moment. Broken Arrow was not an indicator of surrender or defeat, it was the means to send a message to the enemy that we ain’t giving up!


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