Press Release: Conservatives Must Go On Offense With Confrontational Politics


ACRU Staff


February 28, 2023

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 27, 2023

CONTACT: Tracey Miller, 202-660-1628,

MEDIA AVAILABILITY: Former Congressman LTC Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU

Conservatives Must Go On Offense With Confrontational Politics

“Coexistence” Really Means Dominance, Dominion, Power, and Control

Naples, FL — Leftists in America have used a system of incrementalism and demonization of opposition to gain their present position. Conservatives have been reticent and recalcitrant to face them head-to-head on this ideological battlefield. Recently, Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green advocated for a “national divorce,” a division between red and blue states.

“Let’s stop this foolish talk about national divorce and confront the left — starting at the local and county levels — and turn back their assaults on individual liberty, freedom, electoral integrity, law and order, security, educational freedom, and traditional principles and values,” states Allen West, Executive Director, ACRU.

Often, leaders talk about how politics is based on compromise. But how does one retain their policy positions if they compromise their principles and values?

West continues, “The only time we hear words such as compromise, negotiation, bipartisanship is when Republicans, conservatives, are in a majority position. When leftists are in the majority position, you never hear these words. You see, leftists in the minority are tenacious, leftists in the majority are tyrannical. They may appear to be compromising, but in actuality, it is just a repositioning.

“I am not running away from confronting the progressive socialist leftists. I am not surrendering any ground to them, as we have done in so many other areas. We have surrendered language and expression to the left … We must now endeavor to meet and confront the left at every turn where they seek to advance.”


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