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The Treasonous Undermining of American Energy Independence


Allen West


January 25, 2023

If you missed our ACRU/CSD webinar on energy independence you can watch it here. I know that many may not be considered a very “sexy” topic, but energy independence is critical for the economic and national security of these United States of America. Yes, we are witnessing the utterly intentional and purposeful undermining of our national sovereignty with the open border policy emanating from the Biden administration. However, the degradation of our ability to produce, consume, and be a net exporter of oil and gas resources is detrimental to the future of America.

It was just a few years ago that America could boast of being energy independent, a first. If you recall, Jimmy Carter created the Department of Energy as a government response to the Saudi oil embargo crisis. The Department of Energy was supposed to advance American energy independence, but as with the creation of any new government agency, it works in opposition to the proposed intent. Just two years ago, as Joe Biden took office, the average regular gasoline price in America was $2.39 per gallon. Biden’s first executive decree was to end the Keystone XL pipeline. We should not have been shocked since Biden admitted during the presidential campaign in the final debate that he would undermine our oil and gas industry.

Now, what kind of president would intentionally destroy the nation’s energy independence? The answer: a progressive socialist who fully embraces the policies of the Green New Deal.

No, Vladimir Putin has had nothing to do with the decimation of our energy independence. A simple chart analysis will show that gas prices, and therefore inflation, were rising long before Putin made advancements into Ukraine . . . something inspired by the weakness of Joe Biden. As well, if we were exporting more of our oil and natural gas into Europe, it would undermine Putin’s energy sector. Instead, it was Joe Biden who supported Russia’s Nord Stream 1 pipeline . . . as he was canceling our very own Keystone XL Pipeline.

The Biden administration has moved to block off federal lands from energy exploration. Just ask the folks in New Mexico how that has hurt their economy. The administration continues to issue empty rhetorical statements about providing lands for drilling, but their regulations and restrictions prevent exploration by tying up companies in an adverse permitting process. Additionally, they have unleashed investment titans like BlackRock and others who are pushing the Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) policies to undermine investment into oil and gas corporations. Currently, we have the net zero insanity which aims to completely eradicate the fossil fuel industry, all to the detriment of the American citizen.


As transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg testified before a Senate committee, it is about bringing forth a level of pain upon the American people. The desire is to force us into submission to electric vehicles and renewable sources of energy. And those of us here in Texas still remember how renewable energy failed two years ago in a freeze that resulted in nearly 200 deaths, because Texas has an over-reliance (26 percent) on unreliable energy sources, which froze over.

Now, the Republican led House of Representatives have offered a legislative remedy. On 9 January, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington state introduced HR 21 in the 118th Congress. The bill would limit the drawdown of petroleum in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve until the Department of Energy develops a plan to increase the percentage of American federal lands leased for oil and gas production. Of course, the response from the Biden administration has been typical, blaming Republicans for wanting to increase gas prices. Duh? The current Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, former Governor of Michigan, who brings the same level of competence to her position as Buttigieg, does not support HR 21. White House spokesperson, Karine Jean-Peirre, has already affirmed from the podium that Biden will veto the bill.

What does that mean?

It means that Joe Biden would rather decimate our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), — intended for emergencies — to cover for his failed energy policy and even sell our SPR assets to our number one geo-political foe, China. Our SPR is at a 40-year low. It means that instead of restoring American energy independence and allowing for our own domestic energy exploration, Biden would rather beg Saudi Arabia, the original reason we created the Department of Energy. Or worse, go to a brutal socialist dictator in Venezuela named Nicolas Maduro to allow energy exploration — a far dirtier crude than ours in America — not to mention bolstering the coffers of someone who is destroying his own people. Let’s remember that Venezuela was once one of the most prosperous nations in the western hemisphere, due to its oil reserves. That was the case before the socialist dictator Hugo Chavez nationalized their oil and gas industry.

What we are experiencing cannot be framed in any other terms than a willful and treasonous undermining of our American energy independence. All because the progressive socialist left wants to control your source of energy, including how you cook your own food in your home. The left wants to control your freedom of mobility, limiting you to vehicles which have a finite range and an electric grid that cannot sustain EVs.

Your ACRU/CSD call to action is to call your Congressional representatives in Washington, DC, and tell them you want HR 21 to pass. If HR 21 is defeated, then remember those who did not support them. Remember that they were part of the treasonous undermining of American energy independence.

Steadfast and Loyal.



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