Photo of ACRU Executive Director LTC Allen West (Ret)

ACRU Statement on Repeal of Military Vaccine Mandate


Allen West


January 12, 2023

Statement from American Constitutional Rights Union and Committee to Support and Defend in regards to the recent repeal of the Military Vaccine Mandate.

“While we do commend Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin for following the law established in the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by rescinding the unconstitutional, unethical, illegal, and immoral Covid shot mandate for our Armed Forces, it does not go far enough. Those almost 10K members of our military who were wrongfully terminated should be allowed to be restored to service to our Nation in uniform. They should be in full receipt of restoration of full pay and benefits, to include back pay. If these discharged members of our military chose not to return, they should have their discharges reflect an Honorable designation. There must be no nuanced language enabling any commanders in the military to force covid shots under some delusional definition of readiness. SecDef Lloyd Austin is proof that the shot and booster does nothing to stop one from contracting the covid virus. The ACRUs Committee to Support and Defend will continue to advocate for this position and policy for the upcoming 2023 NDAA.”

ACRU and Committee to Support and Defend Executive Director, Allen West



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