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The Real Extremists


Allen West


September 8, 2022

I am 61 years of age, and many of the ole’ veterans still call me a young one. However, I never would have thought in these years of mine that I would see the demonization of those who embrace constitutional conservatism as “extremists.” If that be the case, then the history of America is replete — from the very beginning — with those who are designated as such. Next week,  on September 17th, we shall remember the signing of the document that has produced the longest running constitutional Republic the world has ever known. But, believing in that document has now been declared, by the progressive socialist left, as extreme . . . a threat to the very system of representative democracy which enables our Republic.

In essence what has happened in America harkens to the sage warning of the prophet Isaiah in Chapter 5, verse 20, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”

Now, according to the speech given last Thursday, if you believe in individual rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, that is bad. Unity can only happen by way of conformity; conformity to a system of governance that violates the rights of the individual is now good. If you prefer low gas prices and energy independence, that is bad. If you seek to bankrupt your energy sector and push for an unreliable source of energy that is causing blackouts in summer and winter weather conditions that is good. Parents who desire for their kids to be educated and instructed objectively are now bad . . . Actually those parents are now domestic terrorists. However, taking kids to drag queen shows and forcing them to believe they can select their gender is good.

Racist? Nah, the real racists have always been the Party of the Jackass. Take a look at the inner cities across America, where they have complete control. Not wanting to support failed leftist policies has nothing to do with skin color.

Burning down buildings and destroying large swaths or urban areas and attacking law enforcement is good. Protecting yourself, based upon an enumerated individual right, against said entities who burn down buildings and attack people for no reason is now bad. As a matter of fact, releasing violent criminals back onto the streets is good and admirable.

History has proven that when governments label a certain segment of the populace and denigrate them, it never ends up well. So now people will be confronted and asked MAGA? Hmm, I seem to recall when people were not seen as individuals and referred to as “Juden” and forced to wear identifying symbols upon their clothing . . . is that forthcoming? And, why has wanting your country to be great become a pariah for some? Should we start using the reference “Antifa Democrats?” Or how about “BLM Democrats?” I seem to recall that the current occupant of the Naval Observatory once aided violent protesters by raising funds for their release from jail . . . Oh yeah, that is good.

I must admit, chances are that my drawing a contrast between good and evil is probably bad. And, using Biblical scripture now means I am a “Christian nationalist,” albeit with our open borders policy we are allowing Islamic jihadists into our country . . . Guess they are good.

Let’s us not grow fearful or weary in this time. I say constitutional conservatives should be encouraged, emboldened as the lines have been clearly drawn. I am the Executive Director of the American Constitutional Rights Union, which is a pretty cool title to have in these days and times. I am also a Guardian of this Republic, and guardians do not run away. We do not flee. Guardians stand firm and advance towards the battle, and based upon last week Thursday’s speech, we are in an ideological battle. As for the progressive socialist left, they appear to escalate this. After all, why else would you need 87,000 IRS agents who must be comfortable being armed and using deadly force? Then again, that is good for tyrants and totalitarians.

The day is coming. They will ask you, are you a MAGA Republican? Your response should be, “I am an American constitutional conservative, a classical liberal, a defender of individual rights, freedoms, liberty.”

Then look at them square in the eye and say, “You, however, are an Antifa and BLM Democrat. I will not surrender to you, nor be subjugated. I will never surrender America to a bunch of Marxists, regardless of their delusional and deranged mind!” Will you?

Steadfast and Loyal.



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